Monday, July 16, 2018


The Bolsheviks in the Democratic Party continue to push the Mensheviks to the wall. First, the Sandinista Barrista in New York ousts a long-term establishment donk, and now progressives in California give Diane Feinstein the bird.

"The purge is nearly complete! When Comrade Sanders wakes up from his nap, invite him to come and help us celebrate the fruits of victory!"


bruce said...

Replaced by a white male? Wait for the metoo backlash in a day or so.

Deborah said...

Will San Fran Nan be next?

Anonymous said...

According to a recent news story, due to New York states election laws the incumbent defeated in the Leftist primary my Ms Sandinista will still be on the General Election ballot. Still an opportunity for the Empire States's establishment to save their boy's seat.


Paco said...

Bucky: That figures.