Thursday, July 26, 2018

Step away from the barbecue

"Police Praise BBQ Food Truck Owners for Handing Over a Burglar at Gunpoint".


Steve Skubinna said...

Jeez. What kind of moron messes with BBQ? In the south?

Maybe ten years ago I went over to my parents, and for some reason my Mom had COPS on the TV. She'd never seen it before, and was laughing nonstop. During a break she said "Steve, I can't believe these stupid criminals!" I said "Mom, the smart ones never end up on COPS."

bruce said...

Yeah we watch COPS too. And other similar shows from around the world. One of the weirdest is from New Zealand. Lot of Americans moving to NZ now. Preppers with money? Do they realise NZ has its own home grown hardcore gangs like the Mongrel Mob? Tattooed Polynesians on bikes. They're the Orcs to the NZ Hobbits.

Anonymous said...

Look how proud the perp is of himself, mugging for the booking photo.