Sunday, July 29, 2018

Sunday funnies

Mitchell and Webb in "Grammar Nazi"...

A couple from Powerline's "The Week in Pictures":

Fetch, boy!

Trump Derangement Syndrome in strange quarters.


Veeshir said...

Black market straws.
I'm not sure what could be funnier, but I have a bad feeling I'm going to find out.

Paco said...

Think of the gangs! It'll be Capone and Moran all over again.

Mike_W said...

First they come for your straws, then they come for your fizzy sodas; before you know it, they are making every enjoyable or handy thing a "hazard".

They've banned plain plastic shopping bags here in Australia, forcing shoppers to use reusable shopping bags, despite the known health risks.
The cheaper reusable shopping bags cost fifteen cents to buy.
I'll be using my "reusable" bags for trash, just as I used the plain plastic bags for trash. I really don't want botulism or salmonella.

Advocates of the ban spout concerns about "the environment".
The irony is that the new "reusable" bags have heavy decoration and printing on them; lead is used in the process of printing on plastic bags I've learned.
Most of the "reusable" bags will end up in landfill, no doubt.

Deborah said...

Are you saying that the printing/decoration isn't organic, vegan, gluten-free?

We all know that bags, plastic or cloth, are reusable. We reuse. Remember when environmentalists first contention was to save the trees. Now, guess not so much.

The paper straws will end up in the ocean or landfill with the plastic straws. Sad. The campaign should be about personal responsiblility, like the Smokey the Bear.

BTW recently I noticed that a new venomous snake was discovered in OZ. How did they miss that. Does OZ hold the title of most venomous place on Earth? Watch out for what lurks....