Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The close of another beautiful day

Update and bumped: Here's another nice sunset from yesterday evening.

Another great thing about our location is that we're not near any town lights, so the night-time sky is beautiful, the stars and planets and Milky Way clearly visible.

Yesterday, actually. I think some of the best sunsets are in coastal areas, because you need clouds in the sky for the reflection and refraction of light, and they are pretty much always available.

My little cell phone camera doesn't really do the scene justice, but still, pretty nice.

Snickers is now, for some reason, putting random words on their candy wrappers. Found the perfect one for me (seeing as how I'm a conservative and all):


bruce said...

Yeah photos can't capture scenes with depth. And stunning landscape photos rarely look like that when you see it yourself. There's a waterfall in the valley below my house, just the runoff from the old golf course. Photographers use time exposure to make it look the flowing water look velvety and dreamlike. Being there also impresses but in a totally different way.

bruce said...

'it look'? Me dyslexic like Charlie:

Deborah said...

The photo is beautiful, Paco. I know what you mean about cameras on phones. Maybe you should invest in a small camera to better capture the memories.

OT What is the storm report for you and the rest of the Pacos? Hope y'all remain safe. A reporter was at Kitty Hawk today. Beach goers enjoying a beautiful day, tho there was a no swimming due to rip currents.

Veeshir said...

Went to the mountains last week, I tried to get a picture of the Mogollon Rim, you just can't do it justice.
It's about a mile high wall going pretty much straight up, with some trees on it but it just looks like a big mountain in pictures.
I've been travelling around AZ mountain areas lately, incredible.
Go 7,000 feet up and you're in a huge, flat valley with a lake (Lyman Lake).
It took forever to make coffee, but other than that it was great.

RebeccaH said...

I took photos of the Grand Canyon years ago, and was so disappointed that they couldn't capture the absolutely immense size and distance of that canyon. The same with visiting Niagara Falls this year. I had seen plenty of pictures, but they just didn't do justice to the experience of being there, besides which there is just so much to see along that river than just the falls. There's just no substitute for the real thing, which is true of most of life.

RebeccaH said...

And for some reason, I've fallen in love with the word "just". My creative writing teacher would have been appalled.

Deborah said...

If you hear rustling outside your tent, hold your curiosity in check. It could be a racoon, or it could be a bear... OR it could be the Mogollan Monster (Sasquatch).

Enjoy the beauty of Arizona! I'm envious. I lived near Prescott (pronounced Pres-kit) in the '70s/'80s, before the secret got out.

Paco said...

The Mogollon Rim is an impressive bit of geology. You could live a lifetime in Arizona, I think, and never see everything it has to offer.

bruce said...

Another new thing I've learned about US geography. But bears? I think I'll just google it.

Mike_W said...

Nice photos, Paco.
Maybe you have a new hobby.

I dabbled with photography a while back and it was fun; until someone crept through my ground-floor abode's window while I was away and stole my camera :(

When I reported the theft to the police, the guy on duty treated me like a criminal for twenty minutes and was investigating ME, just because I look like a criminal.