Thursday, July 12, 2018

The Thing that Wouldn't Die

Update: Photoshop fun, featuring Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez!


ck said...

Soros must be shaking his head muttering "we can do better than this". No Whitehouse for this bartender.

bruce said...

These wonderful new people we're seeing now. Like Peter Strzok, wasn't he in an episode of Buffy? He seems to have emerged from the Hellmouth, judging by the psychopathic twists of his face.

Mike_W said...

I agree, Bruce.
Shades of 'The Shining': "Here's Strzoky!"
So, did his head start spinning?
These people are seriously twisted.

Paco said...

Yeah, watch him wriggle.

rinardman said...

If AO-C and Strzoky represent the future of this country....I'm really glad that I'm a old man, and my days are numbered!