Thursday, August 9, 2018


Not always perfectly definable, but usually including the elements of honesty, integrity, courage and respect for the tried and true. Anyway, you know it when you see it. Jim Brown has it.


Deborah said...

Unlike the kneelers, Jim realizes what has been achieved, and the cost. It's the glass half full rather than half empty.

Mike_W said...

I've never been racist, as far as I know.
I'd really like everyone to get on according to their merits.

But I really despise the way anti-Western communists have indoctrinated many to "hate whitey" and otherwise murder and create discord and chaos.
The communists have been doing everything they can here in Australia to create a victim class of aborigines and balkanize society.
The same appears to be the way things have turned out in the U.S.A.

When England first settled Australia, thousands of shepherds and others on the fringes of the settlements were slaughtered by aborigines; but you never here about that.

When I was driving cabs, I was warned not to drive through a suburb called Redfern.
Late one night, I did drive through that suburb.
A young aboriginal man crossed the pedestrian crossing at Redfern railway station.
So I stopped.
Out of the corner of my eye I detected movement; after turning my head I could see another young aboriginal man running towards the cab.
Fearing the worst and seeing a smile on the face of the young aboriginal man crossing, I put my foot on the accelerator and moved forward enough to scare the crosser to move quickly and put the aim of the other on my left off by a few feet.

It was all a setup.
The pedestrian crosser forced me to halt, so that his accomplice could line up a kung-fu kick to my passenger's head, through the open window.]
Missed by a few feet.

Other stories, but wth; don't want to depress everyone.

Paco said...

Mike: Divide and conquer, that's their strategy. Glad to see your quick thinking averted an assault.