Thursday, August 2, 2018


Each individual component of this headline is funny, but put them all together, and it's comedy gold: "Huge brawl breaks out in duty free at Paris airport as French rappers beat each other with perfume bottles and rampage past over-sized M&Ms in front of terrified passengers".


Steve Skubinna said...

When I flew home from Dubai in 2015 to retire, I had a short layover at Charles DeGaulle. It was a very nice airport, as airports go. But the most exciting thing I did there was eat a Croque Monsieur sandwich.

Veeshir said...

French rappers?
I have to admit, that sounds hilarious.
Do they rap in French? I can't even imagine that.

Although.... I might have rapped in French when I was young. A gritty ditty about my brother Jack.

rinardman said...

Do they rap in French?

Does the language really matter? It's all pretty much unintelligible.

Which is probably a good thing.

Paco said...

How do you say "ho'" in French?

Deborah said...

Using perfume bottles is so French. If these...What's the French word for "thugs"?...had met at the boulangerie, this violence may not have happened. Baguette must never be harmed.

HAL9000 said...

Probably pute. Putain is a vulgar word for a practitioner of the oldest profession and pute is too, so I suspect the latter corresponds to "ho." The source for this information is my handy-dandy pocket Larousse French dictionary. Larousse dictionaries are very good and not just the one for la belle langue.

Of course, there is also la grande horizontale, but that phrase is usually used to refer to a courtesan, a more expensive and higher class practitioner, sort of like in Greek a hetaira versus a porna.

Paco said...

HAL9000: Thanks!