Saturday, August 11, 2018

We will not forget

Few people have been going after the Vichy conservatives with as much righteous gusto as Ace of Spades. He's performing an important service in highlighting the self-serving antics of these Never-Trump hysterics, many of whom have somehow divined that the Democratic Party represents less of a threat to the country than the man who may well turn out to be a more successful conservative politician than even Ronald Reagan.

Most recently, Ace targeted the absurd Rick Wilson, who is always cited as a "GOP strategist" in his appearances on Fake News networks such as CNN and MSNBC. In fact, he was recently referred to as a "top GOP strategist" (to which Sean Davis responded in a Tweet, "I laughed at both 'top' and 'GOP'"). Wilson is an intemperate blowhard whose face time on television is in inverse proportion to any genuinely significant achievements as a strategist (GOP or otherwise), and the first time he ever says anything about Trump that isn't completely incendiary, he'll probably find himself begging George Bush for a job mowing his lawn.

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