Saturday, October 6, 2018

The harder the struggle...

...the sweeter the taste of victory. Congratulations to Brett Kavanaugh for surviving the Democrats' brutal gauntlet of smears and lies, and for winning confirmation of his nomination to the Supreme Court.

And thanks to President Trump for standing by him. Keep those victories coming, Mr. President!

Time for a celebratory moment. Come, on, chillun, lez dance!


Mike_W said...

The one thing that worries me about Kavanaugh is that both he and his wife worked for GW Bush(his wife as Personal Secretary during the Bush administration).
Remember how Justice Roberts(a Bush SC appointee) ruled regarding Obamacare.
I hope U.S. patriots and conservatives have not been played by Deep State.
I'm no fan of the Bush family and am very suspicious of the old boy network.

Old Sailor Man said...

Great interest down under in this matter.
It was either Nietzche, Nixon, or Conan the Barbarian who said "That which does not kill us makes us stronger". I hope Justice Kavanaugh and his family gain in strength from what must have been a terrible time.
Some parts of Oz have had some rain in the last few days; not drought-breaking by any means,but giving some relief to the lucky. One area that did get some rain was Bathurst, west of Sydney, home of our major car race (1000km. I'm no petrolhead, but I do love to think of all that lovely CO2 enriching the atmosphere, and the black carbon from tyres laying a delightful mist over the landscape.

Deborah said...

Someone said (I think it was Karl Rove) that Kavanaugh was secretary for GW Bush, which meant he ran the Oval Office.

Kavanaugh should be judged by his rulings on the bench.

Deborah said...

The quote is Nietzche. And it is very appropo. I share your sentiment. This was an ordeal for he, his family, and all those around him. My heart, especially, goes out to his girls. Hard life lessons. It may not be over.

Hopefully OZ will get more rain, except on race day.

Paco said...

Mike: I think most observers considered Kavanaugh to be one of the more establishment-type candidates. Roberts, I am convinced, was ultimately intimidated by the press and the Democrats (but I repeat myself) into ruling in favor of Obama Care; you will recall the shock expressed by the other more conservative jurists, who seemed to think that he had already sided with them when, at the last minute, he profoundly disappointed them (and a lot of other people, including me). I hoping Kavanaugh's experience during the confirmation hearings will have immunized him to the ferocity of the left.

OSM: How grand it would be to sit there with you and watch a race, maybe knock back a couple of cold ones!

Deborah said...

Paco, here's hoping his family, especially his girls, have been immunized. Eyes have surely been opened across our great land and around the world. Watching the smiling protesters
with clenched fists held high being arrested was a sight to behold. Now they are obviously celebrities at wherever they congregate. I guess they view getting a record as a badge of courage. Same for those that pounded on the doors.

Kavanaugh's confirmation is sweet. Here's to doing it again real soon!