Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Bummer (with some upside)

By now, everyone knows that the Democrats have recaptured the House of Representatives, and I suppose in the not too distant future we'll be seeing Nancy Pelosi and her criminal gang marching toward the Capitol, Pelosi clutching that big-ass gavel she's so fond of (Where did she ever get that thing, anyway? It looks like a ginormous bung starter).

So, not good. But far from what the Democrat faithful were hoping for. It is typical that the party out of power in the White House makes congressional gains in a non-presidential election year, and the Democrats' gains were far less than half what the Republicans achieved in 2010. Plus, the Republicans increased their lead in the Senate, which, at a minimum, will help President Trump in his court and Cabinet nominations. And Republicans won some of the most contentious gubernatorial elections, turning back left-wing zealots in Georgia and Florida. Let us savor, as well, the defeat of Robert O'Rourke ("Beto", as he was known to his would-be constituents) in Texas (Ted Cruz rides again!)

The big question is, have the Democrats learned anything in the last couple of years? Will they now start to exercise some restraint and reign in their sociopathic impulses, or will they continue spraying the country with their rhetorical flamethrowers and, once again, wildly overplay their hand?

Yeah, that's what I thought.

Well, whenever the political news looks bad, I always do something to cheer myself up, and nothing cheers me up like adding to my collection of Hummel figurines. Pardon me while I do some shopping!


Mike_W said...

I suspected Gillum would be toast when Obama got involved in his election bid.
Obama really has the touch of death.

Gregoryno6 said...

Any figures released yet as to how many eligible voters stayed home?

bruce said...

And of course, the best part is playing with your 'figurines'.

Well Trump has come out fighting and its a joy to see. Yet with his long experience of verbal conflict he stays civil, no matter what they claim. Has Trump ever spat the dummy? Even Lindsay Graham can't help getting flustered. Trump's cool as a cucumber, that's exceptional leadership.

bruce said...

The article actually shows that Nadler is a hot headed twit who just says what ever comes into his head, already suggested by his noisy public conversation. Looks like Trump is used to this NY style and it won't faze him.

Bucky said...

Mike_W: Corrupt socialist Gillum almost pulled off a win, losing by about 1%. Very disheartening to this Sunshine State resident that 1/2 of the voters wanted to elect this guy.

The good news is that conservative Governor DeSantis will have three state Supreme Court vacancies to fill due to mandatory retirement ages. Too bad we don't have the same law for SCOTUS.

rinardman said...

The only way the Dimocrats will show any 'restraint', is to add an 's', and try to force them on President Trump.