Friday, November 2, 2018

Happy Feet Friday

Glenn Miller had a #1 hit with "Tuxedo Junction" in 1940, and his version is the best known; however, the tune was written by band leader and trumpeter Erskine Hawkins and two of his saxophonists, Bill Johnson and Julian Dash, and was recorded by the Hawkins band in 1939 (it was a hit for them, also, ultimately rising to #7 on the charts). Here's Hawkins and his orchestra with the original:


Old Sailor Man said...

Last Sunday evening, we went to see the American show "In the Mood". A big audience, mostly of gerros, some real music,song and dance, MAGIC.

Best wishes for Tuesday's events.

Paco said...

Sounds like a fun time.

Thanks for the good wishes. Keep a corner of your garage clear in case I need to move!

Steve Skubinna said...

The area off Cape Hatteras was dubbed "Torpedo Junction" shortly after America's entry into WWII. The USN was not ready to escort shipping up and down the coats, and U-boats took a heavy toll on it.