Tuesday, January 8, 2019

On the morality of walls

Please explain to us, Nancy, in detail - take your time, we'll listen patiently - why a border wall is immoral, but walls around your personal property are not.

Oh, and here are some more questions for you.

Of course, she'll never attempt to answer any of the above. She doesn't have to. As I've said on previous occasions, she'd have to burn down an abortion clinic owned by six gay doctors while wearing a MAGA hat to run even a remote chance of being seriously opposed in an election. That's what being a senior member of the "elite" is all about - never really having to answer to anybody.


RebeccaH said...

She keeps claiming that building a border wall is "not who we are in America", but my question is, how the heck does she know who we are in America? She has lived her entire life separated from the peasants.

bruce said...

From Wikipedia:
'India is constructing the India–Bangladesh barrier, a 3,406-kilometre (2,116 mi) fence of barbed wire and concrete just under 3 metres high...'

I actually taught Bangladesh refugees in India in the 1980s and sympathise with them a lot, but I also totally sympathise with India trying to control its borders. It's just common sense.

Deborah said...

Nancy Pelosi and morality have never met. I cheered when President Trump pointed out the hypocrisy of living behind walls but opposing the national security wall.

Deborah said...

Connecticut is considering reinstating tolls on their highways. The Governor and Legislature have decided they will be exempt. It's surprising that they would deign to travel the same road as the "common folk".