Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Subsidize something, you get more of it

Homelessness in Portland, for example (and all the problems that go along with it).


RebeccaH said...

I honestly don't know why anyone would want to be a cop in cities like Portland, San Francisco, et al. The job is dangerous enough, but when your own bosses won't support you and indeed, move to disarm you, why do a job like that?

JeffS said...

This is a problem along the I-5 corridor, from Salem to the Canadian border. Seattle (which is the de facto "Puget Sound area") is on record as having spent $1 billion on the homeless "problem" -- an average or $100K per homeless person. That includes tax dollars and non-government organization expenditures.

So, of course the hobos and bums will flock to where they can live the carefree life of getting highed, stoned, or drunk. An attitude enabled by the creation of so-called "safe injection sites", where people can shoot heroin into their veins without fear of judgement. For example, many police officers now carry Narcan for the many opiate overdoses that occur in that blighted area. Not to mention the increasing problem of used needles, garbage, theft, and defecation when and where they choose.

Just check out the state capital -- Olympia.

Which just makes it harder for those who DON'T want to live like a refuge in a war zone. The bums and the druggies suck up all the resources for themselves.

And it ain't going away anytime soon. The dhimmicrats are in full control of the state legislature, our governor is running for President, and the attorney general is seeking to outdo Kalifornia when it comes to running Washington into the ground. Oregon is in worse shape.