Friday, April 19, 2019

Deep State fizzle

Robert Mueller ultimately proved nothing but his own complete unsuitability for doing honest investigatory work. These people have no shame whatsoever, and not even the merest acquaintance with the concept of honor.


rinardman said...

The whole exercise was utterly despicable.

I can only hope that Mueller, Comey, and all the other scumbags are subjected to the same treatment they gave President Trump. I wanna hear'em turn into the bunch of screaming five year olds I know they are.

*Wah wah wah, you can't treat us like this!*

RebeccaH said...

Mueller was instructed by his Democratic masters to find Trump guilty. He couldn't do it, so now he's doing a bit of CYA, to his eternal dishonor.

Paco said...

So, dishonorable and incompetent. What a loser!

bruce said...

The elite class thought they have the game sown up. They're all incompetent because they live in a bubble.

Obama's foreign policy was just like someone buying into a Nigerian (or whoever) email scam and thinking he's clever and he just had to tweak a few things to benefit. As Donna Brazile says, 'He did his best':

They're losers because they live in a fantasy. Trump had to fight in the real world his whole life, they aren't fit to be his mailboy.