Tuesday, July 2, 2019

It's going to be a long, hard fight

But I believe Captain MAGA has the right stuff:


Mike_W said...

Personally, I think Trump is a conman and part of the Deep State.
None of the real criminals have been indicted.
Heck, he keeps appointing Deep State career people(Barr was "Poppy" Bush's fix-it guy from '91 to '93); then they all play against him and everyone plays the blame game, while partying together; can you say "political kayfabe"?
Trump has form in wrestling kayfabe.
He hasn't fulfilled his election promises, as far as I can see.
What a farce.

Paco said...

Why would the Deep State go to such extraordinary lengths to get rid of one of its own? Trump has been thwarted in carrying out his biggest promise - getting immigration under control - because of leftist judges, no cooperation from a Democrat House, and lots of opposition from GOP establishment types. I would agree Trump has been remiss in getting personnel policy under better control. I think the Left genuinely sees Trump as something of an existential threat, hence the near-hysteria from the whole progressive hive (professional politicians, the media, Hollywood, etc.). Conman? Maybe, but I'm not seeing it.

Mike_W said...

I don't believe they are trying to get rid of Trump.
In my opinion, the Mueller farce was about creating a lot of Kabuki theatre to distract from Obama and Clinton era crimes and possibly to get rid of a lot of evidence of those crimes; also to create the illusion that Trump couldn't carry out his election promises because he was constantly under attack and being thwarted.
The hysteria whipped up against Trump by the media is more about creating fanatical opposition to some of Trump's more conservative election promises, thereby creating more excuses for Trump to not deliver on those.
I don't believe Trump ever had any intention of building a wall and restricting illegal immigration, or indicting the real criminals.

Mike_W said...

We'll know the truth soon enough, when Trump is re-elected.
Yes, I believe Trump will win the next federal election easily; there are enough sane Americans left at this stage.
If he is pro Deep State and the NWO globalist agenda, we will see the mask drop after he is re-elected.
The media's constant demonizing traditional conservative American policies, along with changed national demographics and brainwashed young Americans will have a definite effect on the following election, imo.
I wonder what the choice of Presidents will be then: Kang, or Kodos?