Wednesday, July 17, 2019

One suspects that Senator Romney would benefit from maintaining a thoughtful silence

"RNC Spokesperson to Breitbart News: ‘Mitt Romney Should Know Better’ Than to Trash Trump".

Romney, perched way up there on his moral high horse, sometimes comes across like a Bible-thumping circuit rider who has accidentally wandered into a whorehouse and has asked, in a loud voice, for a glass of lemonade. And there's a lot of hypocrisy under that veneer of sanctimony, too, which makes him doubly hard to take.

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bruce said...

Great word portrait.

Reminds me of one of those ancestry TV shows, they found the family had built a homestead up over Canada border in colonial times.

One day Indians attacked and the sons begged 'Please father, may we shoot them?'. 'No my sons, we are Quakers and may not kill fellow men'. Result: sons were scalped and killed, women all dragged off by the Indians and never seen again, but the sanctimonious father survived and remarried. Very Mitt Romney I think.