Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Update: Commenter KC suggested that I liveblog the Detroit Lions game. Great idea!

12:35 pm - Kick-off; Lions receive

12:38 pm - Lions fumble on first possession (that's m'boys!)

12:45 pm - Thanksgiving Day lunch

1:51 pm - Smoke cigarette on front porch

2:00 pm - Smoke a couple more

2:15 pm - Back to the couch

2:16 pm - Z-z-z-z-z-z

4:00 pm - Z-z-z *ZNONK*...Huh? Wha...Whazzamatter? It's over? 47-10, Titans? Mmph.


Anonymous said...

A happy Thanksgiving to the Paco clan.

God bless America and let freedom ring.

Paco said...

Back at ya, Yojimbo! And a happy holiday to all you Paquistas out there.

kc said...

Warmest Thanksgiving wishes to all of Paco Nation...I am truly thankful to 'know' you...God Bless Us All!

Anonymous said...

At 35-3 maybe a switch to a drunkblog may be appropriate.

Is this why they call it the "Black and Blue Division"? Just asking!

kc said...

Excellent, Paco, THANK YOU! That was even better than I expected.

My Chief says you two must've not watched the same football game...though he re-modelled the back room into a workroom while HE not-watched. I did more of what YOU did.

Without the smokes, durnitall.

Paco said...

Well, now, KC, I ain't exactly sure I got the details straight. I picked up the game where Detroit fumbled very early in the first quarter, and it looked to me like it must have been their first possession. And I sort of missed the kick-off, but assumed that since so little time had elapsed between the beginning of the game and that fumble (that first fumble, one of several), that Detroit must have received on the kick-off. But all the rest is accurate.

RebeccaH said...

Happy turkey to all and to all a good pie!

Anonymous said...

Let me add my two cents, in Happy Bird Day thread to all.

Mine was rather lonely. The Mrs. had a show (pet products) in Savannah. I had to stay with our Collie pups (as I have for the past four months as two or three, aren't really road worthy yet (I'll spare the details).

They do however, have good taste. I'm on my second pair of house slippers.

Paco said...

Lassie, what have they done to you?!?

Say, Cid, do you raise collies? Sounds like you've got a bunch.

Anonymous said...

Collies AND Corgis, Paco.

Have five Collie pups and their Mom (A Champion).

Four Corgis...2 male, 2 femme.

We have a handler for each of the breeds for shows, THEN we have the distributorship of A canine pet product line, called Isle of Dogs. As of the moment it consist of four states..Fl, Ga, Ms, Al.

We are have been offered five or six more of which is Va. So, we shall see.

The "boss" has decided (lol) WE need to look for a place with some acreage, after the first of the year. I of course, concurred.

Anonymous said...

Canadian update:

Well, first let me tell you that the racist CUSA has been defeated; good sense won.

Now another exciting Canadian political moment:

Here the Conservative minority government PM, Stephen Harper, has pulled a master stroke. There is no way around this issue.

Let me explain:

The Liberal party, when last in power, brought in political party finance regulations that forbade union and corporate donations.

However, they also knew they were not popular, and donations were down, down, down. They brought in state payments to political parties of $1.75 per vote received in place of those donations. A very wrong thing in my opinion.

Now, Stephen Harper has, under the shield of showing symbolic austerity, proposes to annul these tax funds. Now understand that the CP will be the buiggest loser in absolute money terms; but as a percentage, as we conservatives work for the cause, the smallest of all parties.

The seperatist, anti-XCanada party, the Bloc Quebecois, receives 85% of it's funding via this funding rule; most of which comes from the rest of Canada!.

As I say, Master-Stroke!!! Can't predict the outcome.