Saturday, November 8, 2008

Interesting Dog

I was at the pet shop today - buying a new lamp for my Australian bearded dragon - and they had an Australian cattle dog puppy (also called a blue heeler). And you know what? The pup's fur really is kind of blue. Here's a web photo:


Anonymous said...

Via The Anchoress: heh.

Anonymous said...

C.L., that cartoon is a great laugh!!!!!!

Paco....cute puppies, but if they're really Australian, aren't they supposed to be drinking VB?

Paco said...

C.L.: Amazing what a difference that 1% makes (mandate!)

missred said...

i saw a man today taking his puppy for a run.. it was the sweetest moment of bonding. they ran, then stopped and the puppy was so happy. one of the best moments of love i have seen in a long time
i may need to get my self a dog.

Anonymous said...

Oops. Wrong thread.

Wiki on the good ol' Blue (and Red) Heeler:

"The Australian Cattle Dog should be muscular, athletic and substantial in appearance, without any trace of weakness or fragility.

Just like Aussie menfolk. ;)

kae said...

Hey, Paco, my new puppy is a border collie/blue heeler/red cattledog cross.

He's adorable!

(Which is a good think or I wouldn't keep the furry little pooh machine!)

kae said...

a good think?

I'm so retarded sometimes.


perview would be my friend... if Blogger had it!

Anonymous said...

wats rong wit "a good think?"

dont we all speek like that, or you got kulture of of a suden like?


Skeeter said...

"Heeler" comes from the breed's talent for nipping at the heels of cattle to keep them moving in the desired direction.
Our neighbour used to breed blue heelers. The advertisements for the pups carried no pedigree information other than "Mother is a good biter".
We hear that your President Elect is looking for a pup for his children. It has been suggested that a gift of a blue heeler might repair some of the damage recently inflicted by our Dear Leader on Australia-US relations.
My advice would be not to accept such an offer.

Anonymous said...

Any potential blue cattle dog owners should heed Skeeter's post. They are very intelligent and loyal dogs. But in an environment where they don't have the opportunity to use their energy and skills they can become VERY DANGEROUS AND AGGRESIVE. They are working dogs, not pets. Definitely NSF children.

Paco said...

kae: Nice 'un! Very cute.

Skeeter and Steve: Yeah, the info tag said that the dog needed plenty of room to run around, plenty of exercise, and that it is a working dog. I'm not sure what an owner is going to do with one in Fairfax County; possibly herd Republicans into "re-education" camps.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they're great, loyal dogs but definitely WORKING dogs. Definitely not a lap dog or a dog for liberals.

RebeccaH said...

So, Paco. Which one of the little darlings did you pick?

I've been without a dog for almost four years now, and it's killing me. The plan is to pick up a puppy or two from the Local Humane Society next spring (warmer weather to make the house training easier, doncha know).

Paco said...

Rebecca: I'm frequently tempted, but our beagle/terrier mix, Mabel, is still going strong, and she's pretty miffed to have to share our attention with Lucy the Lizard; don't reckon she'd cotton to another dog.

SwampWoman said...

SwampMan mentioned yesterday that when he was watching the children in the yard, the old mare followed along the fence line, keeping an eye on them. The old deaf, half-blind dog of mine followed their every footstep, as did the cats.

"I think we're going to have to get another dog," he said, "to be ready to take Odie's place".

SwampMan has always groused about my menagerie/farm, but it looks as though, after 30 years, he is finally coming around.

SwampWoman said...

C.L.: Amazing what a difference that 1% makes (voter fraud).

Fixed that for ya, Nuke.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they're great, loyal dogs but definitely WORKING dogs.

Well, yes, that would preclude this breed being a pet for any Dhimmicrat, let alone Obama. teeth nipping at The Mighty O!'s heels sounds awfully, awfully tempting......