Friday, December 5, 2008

Character - Personal and Public

The always interesting Theodore Dalrymple discusses the decline of civility and modesty in England.

Ed Driscoll highlights the same phenomenon stateside.


Anonymous said...

O/T A Canadian Moment

Further, the coup d'etat against the Conservative Government in Canada has failed, at least for now. Battle action to restart January 26th. Parliament was shut down until thenm by the Governor General.

However, the Separatist Coalition has suffered a mortal blow which they do not comprehend, because they have their heads up each other's arses.

Check these various polling numbers at (scroll down a bit also).

Any other Government in the Western World could only dream of these numbers - yet the Canadian MSM (which is almost entirely liberal)continues to Harp on Harper and his merry gang.

Paco said...

Bravo, the conservatives! I was reading somewhere today that this "coup" is driving many voters toward the conservatives. Maybe Canadians don't like coups (even legal ones).

Anonymous said...

Very interesting reading, Paco. A clear dissertation about the fall of a culture, and possibly of a civilization.

I'm reminded of what Robert Heinlein about this:

"For me, politeness is a sine qua non of civilization. "

Anonymous said...

Yes, I read that as well, W.C. Excellent! Good to see Canada still has citizens with a backbone.

Anonymous said...

Thats some very interesting reading Paco, it would be interesting to compare it with the demographic changes that have occurred in England over the same period.

Paco said...

Wiz: I think those "demographic changes" probably have a lot to do with it!