Saturday, March 21, 2009

Econ Job

36 Chambers has a fine roundup of links on the economic mess.

Totally unrelated update: Scott Ott has an important Arlen Specter update (H/T: Robert S. McCain; BTW, read the McCain piece all the way through. It's like the extra ration of rum before the beat to quarters sounds for the confrontation with the French fleet at Trafalgar).


SwampWoman said...

Dang. It would inspire me to go out and buy more ammo, but I blew the budget on brooders, chicks, and garden supplies.

And speaking of gardening supplies, I ran into some former neighbors at the Home Depot garden center then again across the street at another gardening supply place. They told me that they had never experienced so many of the supplies that they were going to purchase locally being sold out.

Kevin Feasel said...

A very belated thank you on the link, sir.

SwampWoman: I didn't even link to the Volokh Conspiracy chart that showed gun sales significantly increased since Obama's election. Demand up --> Prices up, so if you don't already have a few bandoliers stored away, you're screwed there, too...