Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hey, I Don't Eat Pizza, But if You Do... might want to try out this recipe from Boy on a Bike (he could be cooking platypus fritters, for all I care; I just love reading his "man-friendly" recipes).


Isophorone said...

Looks good, but what's with all that metric stuff in the recipe? I mean, how can normal people cook when you have to figure out conversion factors? Doesn't this guy realize that Louis XVI was guillotined for imposing this stuff?

JeffS said...

You don't eat pizza!?!?!? How UnAmerican! ;-p

At least you don't order really long distance take out.

Anonymous said...

Pizza War

WV: rousi. Hey! I knew that guy.

Paco said...

Jeff: It's practically unearthly. The truth? I've never ever tasted pizza.

kc said...

Not really missing all that much, Paco. The smell is sometimes heavenly, but I'm kinda *meh* about it in general.

My Chief used to call me unAmerican for not liking ice cream, too.

Yojimbo said...


Legendary Phillies broadcaster Harry Kalas died this morning. He collapsed in the broadcast booth during his pregame prep for the Phillies/Nats game this afternoon.

Sure hope we don't do the "threes" on this one. We still have the Big Guy in Los Angeles which the Yojimbo has idolized since his first broadcast in Los Angeles, yes, I'm that old.