Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Battle of Midway

Nice tributes from Smitty at The Other McCain and Drew at Ace of Spades.

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blogstrop said...

Momentous, pivotal battle. Being mainly at sea, and spread over some distance, the various elements and personnel were often unaware of the other things happening. But whatever one's part in something like that, it is quite something to be able to look back on.
We now look again at the Normandy landings and all that went into the invasion operations. What a magnificent effort. To have been part of that, whatever the cost, is something most of us can only dream about. Those that were part of it will inevitably remember the loss of comrades and the terrible damage done by war.
We who see it from the perspective of a later world made new by their sacrifice will always appreciate the gift we were given. But, as Henry V before Agincourt foresaw, we also know we were not personally witnesses to the most spectacular event in modern military history.