Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Feet Friday

A great clip from the 1941 film, Ball of Fire, featuring Barbara Stanwyck as the chanteuse (Martha Tilton dubbed the vocals), and Gene Krupa. There is a heaping dose of Krupa’s typically frenetic drumming, plus some brief, but hot, solos on tenor and alto sax, and a few bars of smokin’ trumpet work from Roy Eldridge. Watch the encore, as Krupa repeats his performance using matchsticks.


Anonymous said...

Barbara Stanwyck was a very good bad girl, wasn't she?

Blessings on your house (blog) for a music related post that isn't about you know who!


TW: juvism: what every news channel is indulging in today

JeffS said...

Heh! Barbara was great, but I loved Gary Cooper's classic hick character!

"What's 'boogie'?" HAW!

Paco said...

Cooper: "What's boogie?"

Elisha Cook: "Are you kiddin'?"

Robert of Ottawa said...

Thank you Paco for bringing a little joy into mty life as your congress votes for national suicide.

Paco said...

Robert: Glad you liked it. I hear that the crap-and-raid bill is likely to die in the Senate. I read, with outrage, that the bill passed the House of Representatives with eight Republican (make that "Republican") votes.

Mikael said...

What drums? What horns? All I saw was them legs on Barbara Stanwyck! (And a couple of other parts on her anatomy.)