Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hey, Republicans, Since the GOP is Already Having Trouble Getting its Act Together, it Might Be a Good Idea to Keep Mr. Happy on a Leash

First, Senator John Ensign, and now the far more bizarre case of South Carolina governor Mark Sanford.

To quote Talleyrand, this is worse than a crime; it is a blunder. All we need right now, when we’re trying to mobilize against the Red hosts of Democrat nationalization, is to give the donks and the media an opportunity to distract the people from the health care and cap-and-trade disasters.

Update: Then there's John Kerry, whose pecker never gets any extramarital exercise because he's too busy stepping on it.


JeffS said...

You'd think that the GOP would have it's act together. But it's clear that they don't, but they pretend that they do.

The Dhimmicrats don't have their act together (or are marginaly better than the GOP), but they don't even pretend to care about their personal behavior (e.g., Barney Frank, Ted Kennedy, and Harry Reid).

So the GOP keeps on assuming that their moral high ground is built of concrete, when it's made of silt mixed with sewage.

Way to go, people. And you wonder why I won't send you money.

richard mcenroe said...

PALIN 2012

Anonymous said...

Sanford said he spent five days in Argentina crying. Pussy.

He committed two blunders, the affair and the mess he's made of the public exposure.

I'd rather vote for a guy who knows when to use which head. Sanford ain't that guy.


JeffS said...

Just to bolster my point about the Dhimmicrats not caring about their behavior, behold the class act that is Bill Clinton. (With a h/t to Andrea Harris.)

Besides, there's a certain amount of schadenfreude of seeing Bill preempt Hillary in improving international relationships. Even if all of this distracts from the looming disaster of Obamacare.

JeffS said...

PS: I should have mentioned, the link is SFW, but if you want to see what Bill saw, click on the "next" links below the article.

JeffS said...

PPS: Those Botox shots continue to morph John Kerry's brain into a bowling ball, complete with finger holes. I heard he'll will that organ to Obama for the next time He deigns to hit the local alley, and mingle with the unwashed masses.

Paco said...

Jeff: That's our Billy! Class with a capital 'K'!

Anonymous said...


I did some work in 'aged care' - problems of the aged, and can I just mention here that Hillary recently breaking her arm is very significant.

Osteoporosis very likely. Very serious. Will curtail her career, perhaps even drastically.

I wish her well, but we all come up against the limits of mortality (and heredity!).

bruce said...

Sorry, above 'anonymous' is me forgot to sign


Boy on a bike said...

He should have said that he was canvassing the latino vote.