Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My One and Only Michael Jackson Post

TrogloPundit correctly predicted the rise of a "Michael Jackson Faked His Own Death" cult.

And according to these folks, Jackson's image has miraculously appeared on a tree stump.


Anonymous said...

God help me but I watched the end of the memorial stuff yesterday and the fact that the Jackson family didn't return to Forest Lawn to inter MJ is going to feed the crazies.

That tree stump picture looks like a tree stump picture. If any one can see MJ in that they ought to check the list of meds they're on.


RebeccaH said...

I believe that was Michael Jackson's ghost in that video. He'll roam Neverland forever now, looking for his nose.

Paco said...

Retread: You've got a stronger stomach that I have!

kc said...

Thank you for that, Paco. There was ONE safe place to go for these past few days, and for that I am grateful. One post just about covers it, in my opinion, but hey, that's just MY opinion.

Around here, of course, on the radio stations and television networks I tune in to, the murder of Steve McNair was bigger because of the NFL connection and evidently the chickie who shot him (and then herself, poor dear) has family in this area.

Just sad. I'm going to the funeral of a friend who chose a bullet instead of...everything...on Saturday. Just sad.