Saturday, August 8, 2009


1) If you’re a climate-change skeptic, then you must have hated your mother.

2) Dan Riehl and Stacy McCain execute a marvelous tag-team pounding of a fact-challenged anti-Palin blogger.

3) Don Surber uncovers a case of kitty porn.

4) Know your mobsters (H/T: Babalu).

5) The bad news is that ten congress critters wasted something like $500,000 to "investigate" climate change in Australia. The worse news is that they all came back.


JeffS said...

OT, but WOO HOO!!!!!

It ain't over, but Honduras has prevailed.

Paco said...

Good for Honduras; I'm glad they stuck to their guns. Unfortunately, the U.S. is starting to look more like a genuine banana republic.

MarkL of Canberra said...

Paco, you have no idea how long it took us to hunt the bastards down and deport them.

We have standards here, we do.


Paco said...

MarkL: I'm aware of the old saying - guests, fish and congressmen begin to stink after three days - but, really, you might at least have held on to the Democrats. International good will, and all that.

Minicapt said...

"International goodwill"????
You sent them!!!


Boy on a bike said...

We'll take them once.

Sending them a second time would be construed as an act of war.