Friday, August 21, 2009

Jon Voight Continues to Impress

No Sheeples Here! highlights some of Voight's hard-hitting comments on the true nature of Obama and company.


JeffS said...

I read this, and could only agree with Mr. Voight on most points. His question is a valid one. Even if Obama is not planning a civil war, he may be creating the conditions for one. Or simply ignoring the signs of an impending civil war.

In this regards, he's similar to Lincoln. Except that Lincoln had more intelligence and courage than Obama ever will, who is little more than a Chicago mobster.

TW: ouster. Ummmmm.....the AI is really freaking me out here. That's really the word verification I got for this post.

RebeccaH said...

One thing's for sure, before Obama is done, race relations are going to be in the same dumper as our economy. He's fast becoming the most destructive president we've ever had, and he's only been in office eight months.

blogstrop said...

He's an actor, but the lines are better than those coming from most of them these days. We're often in the position of crtiticising leftard actors for exceeding their brief, so the same goes for Jon. You only have to read Big Hollywood though, and realise how much your business as a flim-flam journeyman depends on your being PC. Credit to JV for being incorrect.