Friday, September 11, 2009

Scandal at the Smittypalooza!

Smitty, Chief Operating Officer of The Other McCain, hosted another of his renowned blogger soirees last night. I had the pleasure of mixing with a fascinating crowd, including commenter Wombat Rampant (that would make a hell of a coat of arms, wouldn’t it?), the proprietors of the excellent Political Castaway blog, the brilliant Bruce Webster, and the suave Track-A-‘Crat (who celebrates his 30th birthday today, so go on over and drop him a line). I also was delighted to see commenter Nashville Cat (to whom I owe a cup of coffee). The proprietor of Isophorone dropped by, but I missed him due to my tardy arrival (the damn yankee subway was having problems). We were all greatly honored by the presence of the charismatic Stacy McCain.

Although, unfortunately, he is not sufficiently charismatic to induce the club’s staff to waive the rules. The scandal to which I refer in the post-title pertains to Stacy McCain walking out of the club wearing a borrowed necktie. At least, that is all that Smitty will admit. I also heard staff engaged in an agitated discussion over the whereabouts of General Grant’s cigar-clipper, and the new crack in Admiral Farragut's shaving cup.

Among the most interesting people I met last night was a sprightly female conservative political activist from Arizona. If you are reading this, dear lady, I apologize for having forgotten the name of your blog, and will be more than happy to link it if you will contact me. And please do not be offended that I called you “ma’am”; I use the same term in addressing females half my age.

Topping off the evening, was an interesting incident that I witnessed as I was driving home from the Vienna Metro station. As I passed the Safeway, I saw a local denizen of the underworld, sprawled on the parking-lot turn-in, handcuffed and surrounded by some of Fairfax County's finest. Well done, officers!


smitty1e said...

Thanks, updated.

Isophorone said...

Sorry I missed you. Then again, I looked like hell having had an eye operation the day before. With any luck I'll catch you next time.