Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Not Having What It Takes

Jennifer Rubin and John Steele Gordon ponder the the reasons why Obama...well, sucks at being president.

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Yojimbo said...

I would like to take exception to some of Mr. Gordon's points.

1) I don't regard TDR as a great president.
2) I don't regard FDR as one of the two greatest presidents of the last century. In point of fact, he was an impediment to the recovery and not a positive force. If you want to define greatness as being somewhat transformational(as he seems to do with Reagan) it would be Wilson. Federal Reserve system, nationalization of industry,transformation of the Supreme Court into a uber liberal force for change and the full inculcation of the progressive movement in society(TDR actually started it).
3) Reagan's inner man was pretty much his outer man. I think what you saw with Reagan was pretty much the whole package. He saw the individual as the moving force in society and not the government. Everything flowed from there.
4) Luck had very little to do with his policies as they were just an outgrowth of his basic philosphy. I think it was Franklin who defined luck as opportunity meeting preparation, or philosphy. Every president we have ever has experienced this kind of luck.