Friday, December 18, 2009


1) William Yeatman calls the climate change conference in Copenhagen “a green Woodstock”.

2) More fascinating Hollywood history from Seraphic Secret (the post is an old one, but timeless).

3) Another fabulous Charles Johnson adventure from Bite Me! Comics.

4) Dan Collins has a modest proposal. Also, don’t miss Dan’s retelling of a Christmas classic.

5) Democrats are starting to turn on each other like gerbils in an overpopulated terrarium. Stacy McCain has yet another example.

6) Just a Grunt over at Jammie Wearing Fool shows that even the business anchors at MSNBC are spittle-flecked lib-tards.

7) Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) salutes Nancy Pelosi’s contribution to global warming.

Rep. Gohmert also has a few words to say about the manipulation of climate data (“As a former judge, I sentenced people for defrauding people out of money…”)

H/T: Washington News Observer

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bruce said...

A usual it's a mad mad mad mad world and you have linked so great commentary, Paco.

I'm now on the coast at a place hit by the Tsunami 5 yrs ago saturday.