Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

I know, I know; I used the same picture last year. But it's just so...perfect.

Thanks to all my readers and commenters who drop by, either regularly or just from time to time. I am grateful to all those who help to spread the doctrine of paquismo.

BTW, many bloggers are doing ten best, ten most, ten worst, etc., or providing a review of 2009. Paco Enterprises is going to go them all one better and give you some of next year’s top headlines…today.

Sen. Baucus’ health care speech interrupted by sudden attack of dry heaves

Transfer of all federal agency headquarters to Omaha “has nothing to do with my support of health care”, says Sen. Ben Nelson

Unexpected renewable energy benefit: wind turbines cause Rhode Island and parts of Massachusetts to detach from continent, fly off over the Atlantic

Department of Justice accepts plea bargain; Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to plead guilty to reckless endangerment, vandalism

Senate Republicans condemn President Obama’s plan to establish federal drug cartel

Ironic "double whammy": Al Gore's frozen remains found partially devoured by polar bears

But, hey; some of you people have crystal balls. Er, that is to say...well, you know what I mean. Look into the future and see if you can find some interesting headlines.


bruce said...

Obama says bosses should give free lollipops to employees.
Proposes Lollipop Guild.
Munchkins happy.

Mehaul said...

Wife encourages Tiger Woods to return to golf as coach of the Swedish ladies team. Tiger calls it a win win.

Nelson Mandela dies. Hugo Chavez invited to officially open the World Soccer Cup tournament in South Africa.

Barrack Obama uses diplomatic channels to warn Kevin Rudd to stop following him around. Rudd attends counselling.

Sarkozy snaps ankle stepping out of new platform shoes gifted by Irish President.


Minicapt said...

No blast from the past?


JeffS said...

John Kerry Cancels Iran Trip Due To "Bad Hair Day

Allergic Reaction To Botox Responsible For Speaker Pelosi's Frozen Face

Michell Obama Fires Fashion Adviser After Visit To Wal-Mart

JeffS said...

Oh, and Happy New Year!

Steve Burri said...

Federal government develops and distributes vaccine for the dreaded paquismo viral pandemic. Fail!

Yojimbo said...

America allowed to resume its "Rendevous With Destiny".

Neo-marxists,neo-socialists, assorted moonbats, various miscreants and totalitarian thugs-tar meets feathers.

Happy New Year or Prospero Ano Nuevo for those of you who need a dose of desert southwest lingo.

Robert of Ottawa said...

Ice melting in Canada! Country to be ice free by August!

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