Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Australia Day!

Best wishes to all my mates down under!

Maybe one of you "blokes" or "sheilas" can explain the "Melbourne Method".

Important Update: I seem to be off by several days. But then, to me, every day is Australia Day.

Important Update II: No, wait! It really is Australia Day! The global cold snap brought on by global warming has caused the earth to shrink, so it came early this year.


Lloyd said...

Thanks Paco, but we'll wait until January 26 before the beer flows and the BBQ's start smoking.

kae said...

We'd love to start now, Paco, but we'd have to keep going until Tuesday... and some of us just can't hack the pace any more...


bingbing said...

26th, mate. Captain Phillips was still on the boat on the 23rd. But since it's Saturday night, no reason not to have a couple.

Anyway, here's an oldie but a goodie.

Translate: Shazza and Dazza played AccaDacca on the way to Maccas.

richard mcenroe said...

Deborah Leigh and I have a hard time celebrating Australia Day in Los Angeles. Let's face, Outback Restaurants are Australian the way the cast of Young Guns are cowboys.

So we went to our favorite Scots Restaurant, The Buchanan Restaurant and Pub in Burbank, ordered barbecued ribs and had the barmaid sentenced to transportation to Botany Bay.

Best we could do.

Yojimbo said...

Pay no attention to Paco this morning. He was just decanting somoe of that "special" Elderberry wine from Arsenic and Old Lace and got carried away.

Bingbing on that translation. I think it's what all Aussies are doing now to celebrate the Hewitt walkover of Baghdatis. Or maybe it's the Aussie version of "take two and hit to right".

mehaul said...

No snow here in Queensland Paco. 35c and very humid. Lots of republic talk though sponsored by the cadavers in govt departments. This return to republic talk deflected some of the heat from our invisible PM and was helped along by the short trip to Australia by Prince William. Lovely pic in the press during the week of several attractive young women attending one of his public appearances, holding a largish sign saying 'we love willy'. hmmm

bingbing said...

Mehaul, I saw Malcolm on the front page of the Australian. How big's the buzz? And which way is the wind blowing this time?

I voted NO last time. Not because I love the queen, but I wanted us, not the parliament, to elect the president.

Paco said...

"We love Willy"


cac said...

In Helsinki at the moment where January is not quite what we are used to but thankfully I don't have to celebrate Australia Day here, not least because a) beer is astronomically expensive and b) the beach (where else would you be) has 6 inches of ice on it. Thankfully will be back in Perth for the 28th. The premature good wishes are, however, appreciated.

Boy on a bike said...

Two more sleeps and it's on.

Fridge is stocked.

Lamb chops are in abundance.

Black armband vegetarian nutjobs are all hiding underground.

All is good.