Wednesday, March 31, 2010

To John Cornyn, a Gentle Reminder

Cutting the crust off doesn't make a s**t sandwich any more palatable.

More from Stacy McCain.


mojo said...

You can pretty much expect an outbreak of suck-up fever in Republican DC in the run-up to November. It's in their DNA.

JeffS said...

"The focus really should be on the misplaced priorities of the administration" and Congress' Democratic leaders.

"The No. 1 concern of the public is jobs and people losing their homes," he said. "The administration has been obsessing on this health care bill."

Well, how about O!bamaCare sucks capital out of businesses, thereby destroying jobs? Sounds like a two-for-one deal to me; repeal O!bamaCare and save jobs.

Idiots. I will continue donating directly to candidates that I deem satisfactory. The RNC will not receive one red penny from me.

Anonymous said...

"Cutting the crust off doesn't make a s**t sandwich any more palatable."

But if one does not have any teeth, then the sandwich is not even edible; except in a putrid, gaggable way.
"OMG, what have I bitten into!!?.

Mick said...

When forced to eat a shit sandwich, the secret is to get as much bread as possible.

RebeccaH said...

Fighting to repeal Obamacare will force the Republicans into a lose-lose situation (Democrats: "See! The Party of NO is trying to take away your benefits!"). The most realistic way out of this mess is to remove the Democratic majority in 2010, so that Pelosi/Obama & Co. can't do any more damage, and to remove Obama in 2012, so that the worst aspects of Obamacare never get enacted. Let the s**t sandwich be nibbled to death by termites (i.e., repeal it one turd at a time).

Paco said...

Rebecca: I don't think repeal is impossible or inadvisable; most of the electorate has expressed the desire for NO! on this legislation. The Republican challenge is to portray the "no" to ObamaCare as a "yes" to sensible reform. But if there are other ways that will work (i.e., starving it through non-appropriation with a Republican congress, state lawsuits), that's fine with me.

bruce said...

Outsider question: didn't Hillary try to get a healthcare bill in the '90's? And she failed? Basically because of the same problems which the current bill is causing?

So Obama forced it through against the common sense of the majority. Yet now they are going along? Doesn't sound like democracy to me. More like a coups, eg Indira Gandhi's 'Emergency' in 1977.

Has anyone except China tried to run a common healthcare system on such a scale as the whole US before? When the EU runs a common system for the whole of Europe out of Brussels then they can point a finger at the USA, not before.

Michael Lonie said...

Britain and France have government run health care for populations one fifth the size of the US, Canada for one tenth, and all are miserable failures. Plus almost all medical innovation comes from the USA. Obamacare will, among other undesireable consequences, eliminate that innovation. Hey, what's not to like about it? It's the answer to a Democrat's dreams.

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