Sunday, May 16, 2010

News from the World of Blair

Tim Blair, that is, starting with this hilarious polar bear update.

Mr. Bingley has spotted a Republican candidate for office who really should have niche appeal.

Frollicking Mole at Tizona finds that the European Union doesn't seem so united these days.

kae catches a psychologist talking common sense.

Richard McEnroe relates a first-hand account of youthful participation in a boycott. A taste: "Now. Did you ever try to explain to the INS why you need a US passport to travel between Phoenix and New York with a bunch of illegal Guatemalans?"

Original poetry - and damned good, too! - from that wild man of the interwebs, TimT.

1 comment:

Minicapt said...

Travel outside of New York City does not require a passport? Has the Times been consulted? Is the Pope Catholic? Do snakes have armpits?