Monday, May 31, 2010

Tyranny: the liberals’ secret dream

Although perhaps not so secret, these days. Still, it’s fascinating to watch the putative heirs of Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson and Martin Luther King, Jr. twist themselves into knots defending dictators, one-party states and egomaniacal nut-jobs abroad, and wannabe komissars and larval-stage strong-men at home. Some recent examples:

Cold Fury vivisects Oliver Stone, mostly by just permitting him to condemn himself out of his own mouth.

Don Surber catches Bill Maher having wet dreams about black men with guns.

Powerline gives Thomas Friedman the floor, where he expresses a desire that “we” could be China for a day.

And those seeking, I presume, to restore the Aztec empire are captured in photographs by Donald Douglas.

Meanwhile, people who fled to this country to escape totalitarian governments are baffled and fearful over our headlong rush to the socialist dystopia.


JeffS said...

"If I can say one thing, he shouldn’t be on TV all the time."

Which begs the question -- is Chavez working beating Obama's air time, or is Obama trying to catch up with Chavez?

RebeccaH said...

If I were president of the world, instead of Obama, I'd put Oliver Stone, Bill Maher, and Thomas Friedman in the same room and make them stay there until they decided (probably by slapping each other silly) who was the best "progressive".

As for the New Aztecs, I'd deport them all to Mexico (except the ones who had jobs and professed loyalty to the US), build a honkin' big concrete wall topped with razor wire and mean-eyed snipers across the bottom half of the US, and check in after a couple of years to see how they like indigenous life.

Lastly, kisses and hugs to the immigrants from totalitarian countries who actually get it.