Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Carol has redesigned her closet

Carol's Closet has a great new look! And a fine post on the use of all that stimulus money. My personal favorite? "$700,000 to study why monkeys respond negatively to inequity".


RebeccaH said...

Yes, it's a lovely background, but the palm trees are too dark... very hard to read through. I presume she'll fix that shortly.

As for the flimflamulus... I try not to think about it too hard, for the sake of my blood pressure.

Carol said...

Thanks, Paco!

After all is said and done we may finally learn why monkeys are higher evolved than ants.

Great use of the taxpayer's dime.

mojo said...

I wrote to my congressman, but he said (quote):
I'd like to help ya, son, but you're too young to vote.
-- "Summertime Blues"

Robert of Ottawa said...

True to Keynsian thought, it doesn't matter where you throw the money, the immediate recipients benefit, as does everyone else from all those magical multipliers ... rather like that atmospheric positive feedback that will cause 0.0000xx of the atmosphere to fry the planet.

And of course, various recipients of government dosh have run computer models that prove that without the stimulus, unemployment would have been 200%.