Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'm Back!

Updated and bumped: On my mini-vacation, I did find time to do some volunteer community service work. By the way, this reminds me of a story that my older son told me. You will recollect that he is a tattooist. Well, another fellow, who fancies himself as an amateur tattooist, decided to tattoo his name on his own chest - while looking in a mirror. My son and his boss had to fix the result.

Feel free to alert the media.

Had a great trip down to Midlands (a small town not far from Charlotte, North Carolina), where there was a small gathering of the Paco clan at Bro Paco's house. For amusement, we did some target shooting, and I got to try out my brother's Colt AR-15, and my nephew's Springfield Armory .45 pistol (I also used up some old .38 spl. ammo with my Ruger Police Service Six). My nostrils are still savoring the aroma of the gunpowder, and I recollect with pleasure the slight ringing in the ears after an hour or so of shooting. The day was capped with a splendid meal prepared by sister-in-law Paco, consisting of beef tenderloin, green beans, small, tasty potatoes, and sourdough bread, washed down with - what else? - sweetened ice tea.

I should mention, as well, our side trip to Outdoor World and the Bass Pro shop, an enormous store for the outdoorsman (and possessing a fine selection of hunting rifles and shotguns, plus one of the best inventories of ammo I've seen in a great while).

I see that the Comment Academy had a stimulating session in my absence. Glad to see the place was left in good hands.


SwampWoman said...

Glad to see you back, and glad you had a great time.

RebeccaH said...

Yeh, what SW said. So dish. We're waiting for the stories.

Anonymous said...

Back so soon?! Didn't you just leave last Saturday? You must be really important (or don't have enough vacation time saved up...nah, it's gotta be the former) that you couldn't stay later. Well, I add my sentiments to those of SW and RH. Ah, the sweet scent of gun powder and ringing of the ears to be savored along with a wonderful meal with family. Sounds like heaven to me.

Deborah Leigh

richard mcenroe said...

I loved the police escort that brought you home. Er, it is a police escort when they're all following you with the lights and sirens like that, right?

Paco said...

Richard: Yes, indeed! However, I found the special attention embarrassing, so I drove the last few miles to the Virginia state line on a little-known gravel road, with the headlights out.

bruce said...

Bass Pro - Fretless. Fret Less.

Where was I? Welcome back Paco!

Anonymous said...

Haven't been to Outdoor World. Don't think we have one out here. But Bass Pro Shop...heaven for the outdoorsman. That's Santa's Little (for a given value of "little") Workshop! It's about an hour and half or more from us, but worth the ride (even in traffic). After you're worn out from all the attractions (guns, guns, arcade, gun room, boats, did I mention guns) the restaurant is a great place to recharge while watching the fish on the reef in the hugh aquarium. Don't forget to pickup some great fudge before heading home!

Deborah Leigh

Paco said...


I forgot to mention the aquarium! The one at the store we visited had, among other things, the biggest catfish I've ever seen.

bruce said...

(Turns off loud Mariachi music with left hand while slowly backing at an angle so as to shield the growing pile of empty antique liqueur bottles and fine cigar butts)

'W-w-welcome back'

'As you see, I took the liberty...'

But the sentence trails off, hangs in the air like a message from a broken tele-prompter.

mojo said...

Heard of a guy in CYA (CA Youth Authority), a gang-banger from Fresno, who did pretty much the same thing and ended up with a big black "ONSERF" on his forehead.

Known amongst the highly amused guards thereafter as "Genius" or "Einstein"...

Boy on a bike said...

That is a mighty fine way to spend your holiday. Very jealous.

JeffS said...

Sounds like a great vacation, Paco! I hope to emulate it, but visiting a cousin with a boat, fishing gear, and guns. I will be contributing more guns, ammunition, and willing hands.

Kokanee is very tasty, and smokes up well. Mmmmmmmm!

We don't have "Outdoor World" here, but I did manage to hit Cabella's last week for some nice deals (including .38 ammo, oddly enough!).

And I must add....welcome back! But next time, please leave the booze unlocked. Richard is boring when he's sober.

TW: taxeco. Sounds a gas station run by the Democrats.

bruce said...

The booze was locked up?

You mean those bottles under the sink were not antique liqueur?


RebeccaH said...

As you can see, Paco, when you leave town all hell breaks loose. So don't do it again.

Paco said...

Bruce: I don't mind you smoking my cigars; but the indoor skeet-shooting involving my L.C. Smith shotgun and collection of commemorative Elvis plates was a bit over the top.

And what happened to the rust solvents and insecticides I was keeping under the kitchen sink?

Anonymous said...

The only thing missing from this Blairistan Flashback is the Aussie accents.

Welcome Home, Paco, you were missed. Glad you're recharged and rearmed!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Paco, and as to Richard Mcenro's comment about police escorting you home while tailing you with lights flashing, it happens in the Old Dart all the time.

Sorry about the messy link.


Paco said...

Good to be back, Mick. Thanks for the interesting link.

Merilyn said...

Ah Paco good to see you back, but did you leave wronwright behind again?
Sounds like you packed in a lot of fun over those few days.
Bruce you were warned that Paco had "booby-trapped" everything!

Mr. Bingley said...

I've been in that Bass Pro shop there outside Charlotte; that aquarium is huge!

and lots of sweet, tasty guns.

El Cid said...

Welcome back, Paco. Happy to hear (see) that all is well with Clan Paco.

Have to report some bad news, Chief.

In your absence, we've had to send out a umm, quiet recall from the Personal Attention Care Operation division of PACO Worldwide Enterprises, Inc.

Seems that there was homophobic adulterating our soap with no rope, with LYE.