Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The only person who can save Newsweek

is Jim Treacher (just ask him).

If they do make Treacher editor-in-chief, I will subscribe to the magazine myself, maybe even take out a full-page ad.


JeffS said...

What a wonderful idea! Mayhaps Mr. Treacher can model Newsweek on this classic.

God knows anything would be an improvement.

RebeccaH said...

They sold it for a dollar. At this point it's not even cost-effective birdcage liner.

kc said...

I'm with Paco - if Treacher's the top dog, I'll gladly spend some of my rapidly-diminishing discretionary income to see what he does with it!

And Jeff...though I haven't read Newsweek in quite some time, I thought I'd heard enough to understand it has already become a parody? "News?" I think not.

mojo said...

I keep telling my newspaper-editor brother-in-law that what this country needs today is lots of yellow journalism slag-rags. Screw that whole "professional journalist" crapola and get down and dirty.

Trust me, the market is there, just look at blogs.

But he just sighs.