Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sabotage and rape

Julian Assange, notorious Wikileaks founder, has been charged with rape and molestation in Sweden.

He's on the loose, though, current whereabouts unknown. And it's Sweden, so who knows how much jail time he would get if actually caught and convicted. Still, it's another thing for him to start sweating over. Vermin.

H/T: Kathy Shaidle

Update: Stacy McCain reports that the victims were women.

Update II: Charges dropped (H/T Mikael in the comments).


JeffS said...

You're insulting vermin everywhere, Paco. But I take your meaning.

SwampWoman said...

Hunh. No indication of the age or sex of the victims.

Paco said...

Five will get you ten he's a pederast.

El Cid said...

Haven't read much on the Swedish supposedly 'more free sexual attitudes', but should it be the same as what has been, again "supposedly", indicated, why rape?

Well, except if one is a creepy, vile and younger looking Bill Maher.

OR as indicated by Paco, he is a practitioner of pederasty .

Oddly, the wv is "pedsmen".

Mikael said...

Charges have been dropped.

Wv: "nedest" Oddly enough, a Danish slang-word meaning something like "depression", or "what a complete downer". Quite suiting in this case.

Paco said...

Hey, Mikael, when are you going to start posting at your blog again?

bruce said...

'Assange' (what kind of name is that? African? Dutch?) has a weird background. Claims to have been born into and lived early life on the run from a 1960's cult which was notorious in Australia's second major city Melbourne.

But wow Swedish justice - announce then drop serious charges. Bloody bizarre. Inspector Clouseau?

Paco said...

Hard to tell what a Swede will do. Whatever happened to the old berserker spirit?

Mikael said...

Sir Paco. Thank you for noticing my humble blog and for my hiatus.

Things in Europe have been so depressing lately, and I feel I'm just a single voice crying out in the wilderness. Which is why I haven't been very active lately.

There are plenty of things to write about, like the European Union's slow but inevitable grinding and crushing of free speech, like it's a 19th century wooden ship caught in the arctic pack ice when winter suddenly set in.

We send our finest and brightest young men and women to fight and die in Afghanistan, while at the same time Islamism creeps in through the back door and undermine thousands of years of culture and history, slowly but deadly. It's like watching a snake swallowing a mouse.
And those with the power and ability to do anything about it, well, they only speak of tolerance and appeasement. How did we suddenly come back to 1938?

I besiege you my American friends. Vote for someone clever in November. If there is one thing we should have learned from history, it is you cannot defeat intolerance with tolerance!

Sorry this comment got a bit long. You, Paco, have on the on other hand given me a kick in the behind about taking up my drivel again. I'll do that. :-)

Paco said...

Mikael: Stout fellow! I look forward to your unique insights.