Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sunday Funny

Have you ever suddenly remembered something that you haven't thought about for years? This happened to me this past week. Out of the blue, I recollected a great commercial that took off on Russia's stagnant culture (it was particularly appealing at the time it came out because the Soviet Union had not yet collapsed). The only thing I recalled was that it was a Russian fashion show. Sure enough, I found it on YouTube (turns out, it's an old Wendy's commercial).

Update: Here's another amusing Wendy's commercial with a Soviet theme (I don't recall having seen this one before).


RebeccaH said...

I remember that commercial! It made me laugh too.

I was just thinking the other day that the best commercials are always the funny ones, and among those, beer commercials are usually the funniest (except for lately... the ones touting 64 calories are just stupid).

Paco said...

The only problem with funny commercials - from the sponsor's point of view - is that people sometimes get distracted by the cleverness of the ad and completely forget what product is being advertised. I recall, even now, that when this Russian fashion show commercial came out, I had probably seen it three or four times before I actually noticed what the product was.

JeffS said...

True, Paco, but you kept watching it until you got the message. Because it was funny.

Although, I admit, the second commercial is a better application of humor in advertising, when the point is to sell your product.

And I remember the first one as well! I chortled again, as before.