Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Inertia with fangs

That's what many in the Republican establishment remind me of. Karl Rove, too, in spite of AllahPundit's (surely) tongue-in-cheek speculation about the possibility of Machiavellian wheels within wheels, comes across as a rabid cherub.

Rush Limbaugh has it exactly right: “If 51 seats is so important, let’s go balls to the wall” for O'Donnell.

And Mattie Fein, Republican congressional candidate in California's 36th district, describes her experience with the party brass in a guest editorial at The Other McCain.


JeffS said...

That's a perfect description of the GOP.

Anonymous said...

"Inertia with fangs", "rabid cherub"! Good ones, Paco! You're on a roll! Alas, the Dark Lord has fallen. There will be no redeeming revelations forthcoming, I fear. But take back the Party we will.

Rush is right, of course. We see this in California where many strong Conservatives are passed over for funding, and anyone with an "R" next to their name must be supported according to the Party. Vote for them in the General. But don't utilize precious time working their campaign. Mattie Fine is a great Conservative, and a wonderful lady who would be an asset, and for whom I would give precious time.

Deborah Leigh