Thursday, October 28, 2010


Stacy McCain bats Chris Matthews around like a tetherball, while Smitty takes on the frequently misguided Rick Moran.

Also, Smitty recently inducted Bob Belvedere into the Axis of Fedora. I was offered an opportunity, as well, but was brazenly informed that I would first have to produce a photo of myself wearing a fedora. Me. The creator of Detective Paco. A wearer of fedoras, snap brims, Panamas - and even, on occasion, an elegant Homburg - for over 30 years. This would be like Woolworth’s sending a letter to Coco Chanel – postage due! – in which the department store chain condescends to carry a few bottles of fragrance on consignment (“What eez theez ‘Wulewart’s?”, I fancy Coco asking). Bob and I have now created a kind of Menshevik splinter group called the League of Snap Brim.

Mr. Bingley brings us word of Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagen’s historic first vote ( and it’s a beauty). I am reminded of an old joke. A prospective juror is being questioned, and is asked if he supports capital punishment. The fellow mulls it over for a moment, and finally says, “Well, yeah, I reckon. As long as it ain’t too severe.”

Per the Sundries Shack, a would-be terrorist’s motivation is still shrouded in mystery

Hey, the GOP is the party of big business, right? Wrong, says Dan Collins.

Remember that meeting between the President and the lefty bloggers? Iowahawk has the inside skinny.

Tim Blair: What we can learn from Al Gore.


richard mcenroe said...

Ah HAH! But there are no pictures of you in a trilby, are there? Are there? Hah!

bingbing said...

You're seemingly not an F1 fan. Hmmpphhh!

missred said...

i can vouch for your fedora. i saw you wear it - in person

Minicapt said...

Svengali and his Trilby???


Paco said...

I have a witness! (Miss Red).

Bob Belvedere said...

Apologies for being MIA...

That Johnny-come-lately to the style side of life, Smitty, is overstepping his bounds with making us both prove we belong in the Axis Of Fedora. I say we get ourselves a couple of gats and have a 'little talk' with the misguided fellow.