Friday, November 12, 2010

I may be a federal employee...

...but I still endorse every word of this post by Don Surber.

I've written on the subject before, but it bears repeating: an awful lot of federal employees pulling down jack in the six-figure range aren't adding six-figure value, and if they worked in the private sector, they'd either be earning far less or they'd have nowhere near the job security (or, most likely, both).

Update: At least in 1942, bureaucrats weren't so vastly overpaid, and they dressed better.


JeffS said...

I'm a Federal employee as well, and I endorse Mr. Surber as well.

I routinely watch those overpaid Feds waste time and money on a DAILY basis. It's quite sickening.

TW: grack. That's the sound I make when I get sick of the waste.

Anonymous said...

Paco, we've seen your pictures so we know you dress well. Based on the pictures of your home and this fine establishment, it can be concluded that you're not one to dilly dally, nor is any Federal employee who frequents PE, like JeffS. Now, please, get back to work...both of you.

Deborah Leigh

JeffS said...

Sorry, Deborah, but I took leave today, between Veterans Day and the weekend. This is a wonderful excuse not to be in the office for four consecutive days. All within the rules. And I am not alone in my office for doing so.

Which is, as you rightly point out, yet another problem with the Federal workforce. We have so many fringe benefits that it's silly.

Take holidays -- how many people worked on 11 November? Most of the country, save banks and government employees.

Mind you, I'm in favor of remembering our veterans. But why take the entire day off?

Paco said...

Er, I took leave today, too. But in my defense, I have a horrible cold.

Mr. Bingley said...

Paco, I was on that street over the weekend...and that newspaper is still lying there!

Paco said...