Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cutting taxes without reducing the "oink!"

Jimmy Bise shows how the proposed new tax bill still represents a whole lot of "business as usual".


JeffS said...

Yep, business as usual.

The next time the NRSC calls, I'm going to explain why I donate directly to candidate, and not through anything even remotely linked to the RNC.

Instead of just hanging up, I mean.

Anonymous said...

If I get one of those calls, I'm going to do the very same thing, JeffS. Of course, I've only gotten two in the times I've lived here... and that was during BushSr/ClintonI years.

JeffS said...

I had one just last week, pc55kc. I told the guy I was too busy to talk.

I wasn't. Next time, THE TRUTH!!!!!