Saturday, March 5, 2011

CAIR takes another scalp

Fred Grandy, whose radio program I have listened to ever since I’ve lived in Northern Virginia, has been axed for talking about the threat posed by radical Islam.
Former U.S. Rep. Fred Grandy has been forced to walk away from his popular morning drive-time radio talk show in Washington after the station's management insisted he avoid discussions of radical Islam, sources close to Grandy say.

In recent months, Grandy invited Muslim activists on his morning show, "The Grandy Group," to debate the threat from the radical Muslim Brotherhood. He also hosted several U.S. security officials – including former CIA, FBI and Pentagon officials – who all warned the Brotherhood was infiltrating Washington through its U.S. front groups.

James Lafferty, chairman of the Virginia Anti-Shariah Task Force, or VAST, a group that opposes the spread of radical Islam in America, blasted WMAL's management for "caving to the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) once again."
Islamic special privilege continues to leech into our culture, drop by corrosive drop.


JeffS said...

Wonderful. More Islamist infiltration....and Mr. Grandy only spoke the truth.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Grandy was the only reason I listened - and LOVED listening - to the morning drive show. I even listened online, since I don't live there anymore, tho haven't been able to do so recently.

What a sad, sad situation. Frightening, too.