Monday, November 14, 2011

Assortment (friends edition – Part II)

Stacy McCain has the video of Greta Van Sustern’s interview with Gloria (Mrs. Herman) Cain, while Smitty posts a clip featuring Obama’s, er, welcome in San Diego.

Bingbing bids arrivederce! to Prime Minister Berlusconi.

Tim Blair ponders the link between cricket and suicide.

Mr. G. celebrates guns and hubba hubba!

Pat Austin underscores the fatuity of Obama’s non-energy policy.

Dan Collins stumbles across another one of those amazing coincidences that characterize the Obama Administration.

Randy finds a prime example of the old saw that married people eventually come to resemble each other.

Fishersville Mike thinks the “Arab Spring” analogy with OccupyWallSt. is weak; he proposes another, better analogy.

Kae comes across one of Australia’s few non-lethal creatures in her yard.

Steve at the Pub observes an example of ObamaCare, Australian style.

Dad29 must be a good card-player; he's never lost this kinda dough.

Carol has discovered the perfect human symbol for the Occupods.


JeffS said...

In regards to the former Prime Minister of Italy, here is a sobering take of just the EU is turning into an autocracy. Check out the links there for details.

And a most unpleasant one at that.

Paco said...

Good stuff, Jeff.

Randy-g said...

Thanks much for the bump Paco!

Robert of Ottawa said...

The EUSSR has successfully overthrown two democratically elected Prime Ministers in (admitedly smaller) countries (Greece and Italy) and replaced them with unelected representatives of the EUSSR.

In South America, or Africa, this wold be called a coup.

Michael Lonie said...

Australia has a nonlethal animal? Whodathunkit?