Monday, December 19, 2011

If George Lucas keeps tampering with Star Wars

…perhaps he will ultimately wind up giving us the existential version (from the wonderful Retronaut site).


rinardman said...

...and caresses one, and never hurts quite enough.


Or a little S/M?

rinardman said...

I don't exist...until someone sees me. :)

This reminds me of my first semester in college, I needed a General Studies elective, and choose Philosophy GSC 102 - Moral Decision Making - or some such nonsensical title. Heady stuff, I imagined.

By the end of that course, I had come to the conclusion that my brain wasn't hard wired for that high-brow intellectual stuff. It all seemed mostly a load of BS, to me.

Still does.

Paco said...

R-Man: I'm afraid you're just not capable of appreciating the Higher Tedium.

rinardman said...

Or, lack the interest.

sinreal11 said...

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