Friday, December 23, 2011

It's Christmas Eve in Australia

So you blokes and sheilas get your own special Christmas greetings from the Pacos!

Best wishes to the natives of my spiritual second home.

Update - Question: What's that little critter on the left side of the picture?


bruce said...

Yes it is, and thanks.
Very Happy Christmas to you all too.

bruce said...

Bear in mind (haha that is a very sweet card, no I haven't opened the cognac yet) that it is midsummer here, with daylight saving, so Christmas Eve the sun doesn't set till after 8pm. Weird, no?

'Twas the night before Christmas, and for hours and hours, the birds are making a sunset cacophony, Especially the screeching cockatoos...'

kae said...

Hey, it's nearly 7pm here on Christmas eve.

Tomorrow the trip to the Gold Coast and a day with the famil.

If I survive I'll be blogging tomorrow night.

Merry Christmas, Mr Paco!

kae said...



I blame arthritis.

WV: coadder.

Merilyn said...

Bruce it has been 38 here temperature is just starting to ease down, 8.p.m and still light.[Daylight saving in S.A.]

Merry Christmas.

*arthritis eh, must remember that one.*

TimT said...

Hope you have a great Christmas Paco.

Irobot said...

Merry Christmas Paco and to your family.

Merilyn said...

Ring Tailed Possum.

Christmas day here now, up early to start the roast, and no am not cooking the Possum. [Heh].

Paco said...

Merilyn: Where I come from, possum is one of the four main food groups.

Steve at the Pub said...

Yair, "arthritis" is saved into my file of handy excuses.

"Famil" is trade jargon used in the travel agent industry.

Kae, is your cover blown?

bruce said...

Steve, Kae works at the Yooniversity. Be nice to her if you want to get an academic favour for a relative. She knows peopl, and famil. Connectio.

Paco, the idea that aborigines ate kangaroos and snakes is so fixed in people's heads that I can't persuade them how in forests they mostly ate possum (more abundant than any other food). Agile climbing trees with stone axe, break open possum nest in rotten branch, grab possum's leg/tail without getting scratched and whack him hard on the tree trunk - fast food for four!

Said to be sweet meat, 'cos possums live on nectar. Koalas live on Eucalyptus leaf, imagine how they taste.

richard mcenroe said...

That's not a ring-tailed possum, the marsupial terror that drove Tim Blair from his own back yard one thread on his own site?

Looks more like an infant drop bear to me. Careful, Paco...

Michael Lonie said...

Are you sure it isn't a juvenile Bunyip?