Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ann Coulter has lost her mind

Three cheers for...Romneycare?!?

Mark Levin responds, and Philip Klein also applies the clue-by-four.

(H/T: Legal Insurrection)


bruce said...

Seems to me she's only emphasising the State versus Fed side of this, which the NYT is cunningly trying to airbrush out.

It's the beauty of the US Constitution that it recognises the evil of Big (Fed) Govt, which it limits while allowing States wide sway.*

I humbly believe Conservatives ought to push the State's Rights issue more (but I disagee with Ron Paul so I'm not sure how that all hangs).

*In West Bengal India they elected a Communist govt 40 yrs ago, everyone can see the result was a tragic joke. Bear with me, what if some US state had elected Communists back then, having seen firsthand the results, would the liberals have as much support now? Just asking with all respect, you all know more specifics than me.

But I am drawn by what Coulter says here.

Yojimbo said...

Bruce: You'll have your answer in November.

The two coasts have been electing uber liberal politicans to office for quite a long time now with only sporadic and inconsistent blowback.

You should grab the Rubio speech before the Hispanic Leadership Network in Miami. It is on his website. Me no linky these things. He gets America. This would be a perfect nomination speech at the convention in 2016.

bruce said...

I threw in that 'if a US state had gone Communist' to show how conjectural my interest is. Then I remembered, 'California'. Liberals see what they want to see. Oh dear.

Yes Rubio sounds great.