Friday, April 27, 2012


Allen West is da man!

Troglopundit considers the fundamentals of beauty.

Swampy always gets to the heart of the matter: "Are cockatoos edible?” (I don’t know about cockatoos being edible, but there’s at least one cockatoo that thinks Swampy is).

The Department of Justice goes after the kulaks (H/T: Classical Liberal).

Some interesting history, courtesy of kae.

A new tradition in the making, via WyBlog (H/T: Fishersville Mike).

The good guys win one: “Mojave cross to be restored”.

TimT gets a case of the yawns.

Obama’s legal pelican eagle has another bad day in court.

Celebrating the…Zambian space program?!? (H/T: Who else, but Captain Heinrichs!).


rinardman said...

I like the way Allen West thinks, and what he has to say, too.

I just wonder how that's possible when we're conservatives, and therefore vile, disgusting raaacists.

bruce said...


Old Sun Ra actually CAME from space, man! He was OUT THERE.